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What Your Worship Leader Will Never Tell You

There’s something your worship leader wants to tell you… but they probably won’t.

Dara Fubler shares six things your worship wants to tell you but never will:

I wanted to address a few pet peeves bluntly and truthfully, but I didn’t want to sound like I was complaining or condemning, so what I did was this – I made a list of things, and provided both a rant AND an encouragement for each one. This way, you get to know how I really feel, as well as some tips and thoughts on how to approach each one. I talked to some of my worship leader colleagues in other churches, even asking for proofreading to check my tone and content. I tell you all this so that you know I’m coming from a place of love and authenticity…..of problem solving and, most importantly, from a place that seeks to honor God, rather than just complaining and ranting!

Dara touches on six things that can really frustrate most worship leaders, but she also offers an encouragement for each rant.

One of the issues she addresses (and I love how she does) is the church that won’t sing:

I’ve read several articles written on this phenomenon of non-singing churches. Many of the authors say that church has become more of a spectator activity than a participatory one. It has – but it shouldn’t. They blame this on things like worship leaders being too rehearsed – like a concert or performance meant to be watched, the music being too loud, and the songs being difficult, unfamiliar, and unsingable. Well let me tell you, I’ve been in churches where this is the case, no question. I have seen it time and time again……but I’ve also been in churches where this wasn’t the case……and it doesn’t have to be. It is truly a growing problem….mega churches with choreographed lights, fog machines, worship leaders’ faces plastered on the projection screens……I get it….but not all churches and worship leaders are like this.

Click here to read the whole thing. Good stuff.

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