A Journey Toward Liturgy

Michelle Van Loon describes her journey away from thematic worship and toward the liturgical calendar:

Though it was great fun for a brainstormer/creative like me to find a place in the church to use my event-planning skills, there were times when it occurred to me that the constant quest for the new (call it creativity if you must, but the two are not the same!) in content and delivery was often more about flash than it was about substance. Our inelegant but creative non-liturgies were too often marked by novelty for novelty’s sake.

I have since learned to appreciate liturgical traditions, which stand as a time-tested rebuttal to faddishness in preaching and attendant flashy production values. There is nothing weirder than sitting in a room with a pastor and worship leader and batting around topics for the next sermon series. Those conversations often focused on perceived problems with the people in the church, which meant they were driven by reaction. The pastor would say, “I’ve had quite a few couples come in to see me because they’re having money troubles.” His counseling of these couples led us to conclude that the church was in need of a sermon series about finances. Frankly, most of the sermon series themes for the church were determined in this way. This fix-it mentality was well-meaning, but usually fell short of having a vision for whole-church discipleship.

Whether you follow the church calendar or plan themes, it’s important to know why you do what you do. Read the whole post here. Very interesting story.

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