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Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Seth Putnam explains why a small team is often better than a large team:

In my experience, most growing churches feel the need to expand their worship team on the platform as the church grows in numbers, but I would suggest either holding back or doing the opposite. Why? I believe that sometimes in order to move forward, you have to take purposeful steps backwards

Now here’s the take away from this post – The Quality over Quantity principle is all about the building up of people, not the end result of our worship production. As worship leaders, our goal is to engage the church in true worship and also lead/build up our team members in Christ. Would we really be able to pour into & build up individual team members if our attention becomes scattered? I don’t think so. If our focus is divided because of the amount of people on a service platform, than we won’t accomplish our goal. We actually rob our team’s individual success when we’re too focused on the overall finished product.

He also lists five things to do if you’ve allowed quantity to overtake quality in your worship ministry.

Check out the whole thing here.

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