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Consumer Driven Worship

Rich Kirkpatrick on church worship, marketing, and heresy:

In our society, what works and produces profit is what we value. While we hunger for a post-modern identity and story, the structures, all around us scream utility, conformity and results. Money rules. This might even be true in our houses of worship as we may have unintentionally turned business metrics on our expression of worship. The question is this: do we value utility more than beauty in our worship? The answer is that our culture-infused church in modern America apparently does.

How does this look in our churches today? I think there are some clear values that have to be identified and questioned in order for us to face the challenges ahead of us. These invaders into our worship expression are so tied to our culture that they might be hard to spot at first. But, I challenge you to take a look and open your eyes to the “why” that drives the “how” in our worship.

Rich poses some hard questions that churches should ask themselves about worship and what we truly value. Check it out here.

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