Five Steps For New Songs

As musicians, we’re different from most of the congregation in pretty significant ways. For one thing, we seek out and learn new music at a much greater rate.

Carly Voinski on teaching new songs:

If you’re serving on a Worship team, chances are you love new music. We are musicians, the desire to sing and play new songs seems to have been established in our DNA. We are constantly looking for new music and perhaps even writing our own. This is great. It shows passion, desire, and yes it’s even biblical to sing new songs unto the Lord. But all too often we realize that the rest of our congregation just isn’t quite on the same track as us. The people we worship with each Sunday aren’t all musicians. Some are unable to hold pitch while others struggle to clap on 2 and 4. However, they are the people we are called to lead into praise and worship of our awesome God. If we can help them do that by being a little more intentional when introducing new music then I say we should do so joyfully.

She lists five steps that every worship leader should keep in mind when introducing new songs to their congregations. Here’s one that I think gets neglected:

After you introduce the song and teach it, repeat it! Meaning, include that song in your set lists for the next few weeks. Give the church some time to become so comfortable with this new music that they could sing it without you leading them. Over the course of a few weeks the majority of your church will hear the song, sing the song, and know the song. Remember, even though we are playing and singing that same song around 20+ times over the course of 3 weeks, they are singing it once each Sunday.

Check out the whole thing here.

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