Strong Man

Healthy Temples

Nic Cook makes the case for staying physically healthy as we pursue ministry:

Genetics makes me stalky and prone to obesity. There is a wicked sweet tooth that runs through at least a couple of generations. I had let my ministry and family schedule leave absolutely no time for physical exercise. By the way, anytime I met someone it was usually over a million calorie mocha at Starbucks or at some restaurant eating something with a lot of bacon.

The condition of our bodies affect our attitudes, health, energy, souls and a ton of other things.

Something had to change. So I joined a local Crossfit club. I know the reputation that it has for being cultish and that people who do Crossfit tend to talk about it ad nauseam.

So I’m only going to talk about how developing a habit of physical discipline and health can lead to more effective ministry.

I know one thing that made a huge improvement in my worship leading was when I decided to get healthy and dropped about sixty pounds. Now, as someone whose wife has chronic health issues, I know that not everyone can reach or maintain a certain level of health, but there are plenty out there who just don’t bother.

Nic shares four reasons that maintaining our physical health is important to our ministries. Check out the whole thing here.

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