In Praise Of A Shorter Worship Set

I love long worship sets (I can and do play and sing for hours on end), but this post by Kade Young has me rethinking that:

There was a time when I would always plan a 4-5 song set list. My reasoning was because other worship leaders were doing the same. Then, my worship team absorbed a slew of new members all at once and I noticed they were struggling to pull together the songs every week. They were fighting their way through the set and didn’t seem to be enjoying it at all. Something needed to change.

How many songs should the worship set have? What do you think?

Read Kade’s full post here.

2 thoughts on “In Praise Of A Shorter Worship Set”

  1. I had 5 for today, but God showed up big time in song two and so we went off piste very quickly and let Him do what He wanted 🙂

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