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Leadership Roundup

Leading worship isn’t just about music. It’s also about leading people: the people on your team and the people in your congregation.

There are so many great articles on leadership being posted online, and I’m finding new ones every week. So that means it’s time for this week’s Leadership Roundup.

Below you’ll find some of the best leadership resources I came across this week. Save them to Instapaper or Pocket or Read It Later or your bookmarks, and check them out when you have some time this weekend. Be challenged and be encouraged. Be a better leader.

Remember, these are just excerpts, but I strongly encourage you to click through and read each post in its entirety.

Rich Birch shares some free leadership resources worth checking out:

Developing leaders is core to what church leaders do. We constantly look for ways to raise up the people around us … to help them take their next step in the development journey. We don’t always have the financial resources to do what we’d love to do on this front. But don’t let money stand in the way of developing people! Here are a handful of strategies that won’t break your budget…

Brandon Cox lists seven spiritual disciplines for leaders who aren’t perfect:

Yesterday, I had a phone call with a young leader convinced he was no longer qualified to lead because he’d messed up in a way that pretty much every man on the planet has messed up repeatedly. This morning, I received an email from a Pastor wanting to know if he was qualified to lead when he still struggles with sins of the heart and mind… Perfection isn’t the requirement for those who wish to lead. Progress is.

Daniel Darling explains how so much of ministry doesn’t happen with a bang:

Nobody should go into ministry with only a casual interest in seeing people moved from death to life… However, this doesn’t mean we, ourselves, have to be overcome with frenetic activity. Sometimes God moves in big, catalytic moments like conferences and memorable worship services or large-scale events. Other times, however, God moves in the quiet, small things.

Full disclosure: I haven’t read this because I’m avoiding spoilers. But Joseph Lalonde shares leadership lessons from Ant-Man:

My recollections of Ant-Man are sketchy. I remember Hank Pym was married to Janet. Hank had a drinking problem. And Hank and Janet could shrink to become Ant-Man and Wasp. They were also members of The Avengers.

Other than that, I knew nothing about Ant-Man…

And on the lighter side of leadership, if you’re going to fail, you might as well fail up. Phil Cooke teaches you how to aim your failure in the right direction:

Nearly everyone knows someone who’s “failed up.” In other words, no matter how many times they’ve failed, been fired, hurt co-workers, or created a catastrophe, they still seem to move up the career ladder. It’s frustrating to watch, and if you’ve ever wondered how they do it, here are the real secrets of “failing up”…

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