Review: Without Words: Synesthesia – Bethel Music

Normally, when I review an album, I like to dig into the lyrics and share some that really affected me. That won’t be happening in this review. Because there are no words.

This album proves you don’t need words to worship. But I do want to share some words to describe it: epic, lush, and cinematic.

Here’s a sample:

When I first clicked the play button, I was expecting to hear pretty straightforward instrumental versions of familiar worship songs. But that’s not what I heard. These songs have been reimagined and reinterpreted without words. “This Is Amazing Grace” and “Oceans” really pulled me in, in particular.

Obviously, these aren’t congregational songs, but this is still an excellent album to have on hand for your worship services: preludes, background music during prayer or communion, or musical accompaniment to homemade videos. And honestly, it made for some awesome background music while I was at work.

Without Words: Synesthesia is available at Amazon and iTunes.

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