Scripture And Music

Caroline Cobb on the need for songs that engage with scripture and engage our minds:

Sure, we need the “stuff of life” songs about love and break-ups, death and hardship, marriage and kids. But we also need songwriters to intentionally engage with scripture, asking themselves “How can I faithfully and creatively tell this story? Teach this passage? Shed light on this lesser known part of the Bible?” We need non-kids’ songs about Noah and Abraham and King David. We need songs that explore how Jesus felt when he was going to the cross or how the people of God felt when they were exiled to Babylon. We need songs that tell the stories that people don’t know: a song that delves into the bloody mess that is Nahum, a song about the unsung heroes in Acts, and a song that tells the full story of Zephaniah (and not just the part about God delighting over us in Zephaniah 3:17).

Read the whole thing here. Good stuff.

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