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Ten Lessons On Worship

Joe McKeever shares ten short lessons on worship in the church:

I know some basic texts and have one huge burden on the subject, namely, that most Christians I know have it backward and think worship is all about “me.” Then, as often happens, when I began preparing and praying for the message, I realized just how little I actually know on the subject. God help me.

One lesson he shares is about mutual submission and the horizontal element of worship:

Away with the idea that worship is a solitary business, that, as people are wont to say, “I can worship just as well on a creekbank with a fishing pole in my hand.”

Some churchgoers who get a thousand things right about worship, miss this point. They speak against the performance aspect of singer’s Sunday offering and resent the applause that almost inevitably follows. “She should be singing to God, not to man. And yet, Ephesians 5:19 acknowledges there is another dimension to this. When we worship with our songs, we “speak to one another.” And–let us not miss this–we “submit to one another.”

Check out the whole list here. Good stuff.

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