The Weekly Need

It’s easy to fall into a pattern of going to church because that’s just what you do, but it’s much more meaningful than that.

Ryan Shelton says it’s our “weekly detox” when we gather together:

Christians gather together to pray, exhort, and listen in light of the fearful reality that sin’s deception constantly poisons our affections for Christ. A powerful antidote to devilish venom works through my veins when voices in unison rehearse lie-cancelling truth every time we sing and read together. Christians do not neglect our weekly detox precisely because we have vividly seen the danger outside. Our songs are not gameplay.

We have a precious responsibility to assemble as agents of perseverance for one another. We do this in many ways in our Sunday gatherings.

Great reminder of why it’s so critical to come together in fellowship and worship.

Read the whole thing here.

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