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Three Ways To Handle Criticism

When people criticize how you lead worship, it can feel really, really personal, can’t it? Even suggesting that a certain song wasn’t a good choice can cut right through you. And if the person is nasty about it, it’s not a pretty thing to witness.

Kade Young writes about such a time:

Whoa…this felt like a punch in the face. I was on fire for God and doing my best to fulfill His call on my life. My heart was pure and I was simply leading worship they way I felt God was leading me. Sure, it looked quite a bit different than what the church was used to, but I didn’t think that would bother people. Boy, was I wrong… The truth is, there will always be opinionated people. They want to be heard because they believe their way is the best way. Considering they will always be around, I want to give you a few pointers on how to deal with complaints when they come in.

He lists three different complaint scenarios and how to deal with each of them: complaints in person, complaints via email, and complaints from your pastor.

Read Kade’s full post here.

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