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Top Five Posts From June 2015

Here are the top five most-read posts from Worship Links for the month of June, if you’ll forgive the shameless self-promotion on my part. 🙂

Interview: Music Pastor Ricky Ragone


First question I ask: are the lyrics theologically sound? I have to start there because if that fails then everything else doesn’t matter for me. Second, is the song more me centered or God centered? Personal response and reflection are good in a worship song, but at the end of the day the song should paint for us a greater picture of God.

Review: Bone By Bone – The Bright Expression

Bone By Bone

I can’t really overstate how much I enjoyed this album. I love the tight harmonies between the two lead vocalists, and I appreciate that the songs really take their time to stretch out. Nothing feels rushed. Everything feels just right.

Be A Worship Leader


A word that has become common place in our church culture is the term “Worship Leader.” We generally use this term to refer to the person on stage on Sunday morning who is in charge. The longer I have been a staff worship leader though, the more this term makes me uneasy. I lead week after week after week, and I have come to realize that I don’t have nearly as much power to lead people as someone sitting in the front row of the seats (or the back row for that matter).

Interview: Worship Pastor Jason Todd


Being in a band makes me crave creativity. It’s so fun to play with a group of people that you can easily jam with and come up with creative musical ideas to add to our songs. I’ve noticed that I’ve been carrying that over into my worship leading as well. I’m always looking for the “just the drums” moment or other ways to make a four chord worship song more dynamic.

How To Discover New Music For Your Church

Free Music

When the day came to introduce it, I tempered my excitement over the song. I’ve learned over the years how long it can take for new songs to catch on. But I was completely unprepared for the awkwardness the song was received with. Week after week, the song was met with deer-in-headlight stares across the room. I tried my hardest to make the song connect as I taught on it, encouraged participation, and even tried to shame the group to join in. (Not one of my finer moments.) Still nothing. We eventually decided to retire the song and move on.

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