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Worship And Physical Expression

Doesn’t it seem odd to sing the words “We stand and lift up our hands” while you sit down with a blank expression? It seems odd to me. Shouldn’t the physicality of worship somehow relate to the words we’re singing?

Glenn Packiam shares an awesome post about how physically expressive our worship should be:

Worship leaders are quick to point to the Psalms’ frequent admonitions to physically express praise to YHWH. But those less inclined to physical expression wonder why they can’t simply ‘worship God in their heart’. After all, are these passages prescriptive—telling us how worship ought to be—or are they merely descriptive—telling us how worship in ancient Israel was? A friend of mine, Richie Fike, raised the question on Facebook recently, querying if people thought the Psalms contained permission, suggestions, or commands to clap, dance, shout, and more. The responses were varied, but as we continued the conversation offline via text, and it got me thinking about the physicality of worship.

Should worship be physically expressive?

Let’s take a look at it through three lenses.

This one is well worth digging into. Check it out here.

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