Worship Music, Psalms, And The Repetition We Need

When people accuse modern worship songs of being too repetitive, point them to the Psalms. Nick Roen on Psalms and repetition:

As a worship pastor, part of my job is to read and evaluate the lyrics of the songs we sing in worship. I’m looking for theologically rich words that we can easily sing together as a church — rich and simple, deep and memorable. Often, a bit of repetition can help a congregation learn and remember a song. But let’s not go overboard, right? We don’t want to sing a song that just repeats the same thing ad nauseam. We want depth.

So what repetitive song was I reading this morning?

Psalm 136.

He also dives into why worship music – and the Psalms – can be so repetitive sometimes.

Check out the whole thing here.

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