Careful Curation

One of the trickiest parts of being a worship leader is curating your church’s worship music repertoire. There are no hard and fast rules for this, since it will be different for every church, and even for the same church in different seasons.

Lester Ong writes:

Ideally, the songs on the catalogue should be carefully curated, to take into consideration a variety of tempos, expressions and themes which reflects the current state of your church’s sojourn. We didn’t have that luxury, so we just identified 30 songs that we were singing at the church at that point in time. Then, every three or four weeks, we would introduce a new song, but as we did, we took out a song from the catalogue so the list always remained at 30.

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure we’ve got it right. Maybe 30 songs is too few or too many. Perhaps it is too constraining.

But looking over the last year, I’m really glad we went down this route.

Here are some reasons why I think it’s important for worship leaders to responsibly and prayerfully curate a song catalogue…

Lester lists three excellent reasons to maintain your list with great care. Check it out here.

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