Conditional Worship And Music I Don’t Like

This coming Sunday, I’m leading worship for a traditional service. It’ll be a stretch for me, but there may be some wisdom in this post by Gary at The Worship Community that can help:

I was at a traditional church several years ago when God opened my eyes to this. I was sitting there during the music and thinking about how I would do the song differently. Then God basically slapped me in the face. I felt Him say to me, “Gary, worship me. If you can’t worship me with this kind of music, then your idea of worship is shallow.” I walked away from that a changed person and a changed worship leader. Over the years, I have seen and heard testimonies of people who have worshiped and connected with God for the first time, even though they didn’t prefer the music style that I was bringing. That is what it is all about. It’s not about the methods or styles in which we worship. It’s about bringing worship that the Father is seeking, which is in Spirit and in truth.

Gary lists three characteristics we all need to outgrow to become mature, unconditional worshippers.

Do you have trouble worshipping with certain genres of music?

Read Gary’s full post here.

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