Culture And Community

Eben Brusco explains that what’s appealing about your favorite band could apply to your worship team, too (and it isn’t music):

This sense of family or cohesiveness, or belonging to one another or whatever you would like to call it, spills out into the way we worship together and folks are able to see that there is a genuine love between the people who are playing music together within that certain collective. You may be like me in this, you may be able to walk into a church or a musical performance and discern within 5 seconds whether or not that band on stage loves one another or, are simply “playing a gig together.” In fact, I would be willing to go so far as to say that is the reason folks will pay hundreds of dollars to see their favorite band play music together. It’s not the chord structures or talent, it is the camaraderie and the history those individuals have together that people pay big bucks to witness! As worship leaders we are called to create an environment of willingness above obligation. Musicians won’t feel like they “have to” play this Sunday if there is a sense of family being nurtured in your worship ministry, they will feel anticipation for the next time they get to play together!

Eben lists some ways that worship leaders can build community among the worship team. Read the whole thing here.

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