Distractions And Focus

Here’s a scenario that way too many of us can relate to:

We’ve somehow gotten things twisted. We are caring more about every other person in the room other than the One we declare in our songs. We sing words like “Holy Spirit, You are welcome here”. All the while, I think He wonders if that’s actually true. Have we put together such amazing run sheets and song lists that Planning Center would combust if we deviated from it, should God ask us to?

Here’s the million-dollar question: Have we left room in our hearts to hear Him when He speaks to us? Or are we too busy getting to every service element before the countdown clock in the back turns red and we usher in a new crowd and do it all over again?

Shunna Jones-Moreno writes about the need to focus on Christ as we prepare for and lead worship. You may feel a twinge of guilt as you read this one. Check it out here.

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