Everyday Worship

We talk a lot about worship as a lifestyle, but this post by Pamela Haddix really digs into what that looks like day to day:

If you’re like me, things don’t always happen just because I know they should. I’m just distractible enough to need a plan to help me follow through with things. Even important things – like worship.

Nothing replaces that much needed time of regularly pulling away to intimately focus on God – to spend time reading His word, communing with Him, and humbling ourselves before Him in worship. Nothing

Here are some ideas to help us move in that direction…

Here’s a great tip for making worship part of your everyday life:

Memorize scripture that declares who God is. Maybe this seems too obvious, but I know it’s a struggle for many. No matter where you are, the Holy Spirit can bring verses to mind to redirect your thoughts back to Him – and you can bow your heart in response. It’s powerful! Find it hard? Ask God for grace and a strengthened mind to follow through. He’ll do it!

Pamela lists ten ways to integrate worship into your daily life. Check out the whole list here.

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