Excellence In Worship

Chris GroatEditor’s Note: This is a guest post from our friend Chris Groat. You can follow Chris on Twitter at @ChrisGroat. Many thanks to Chris for sharing this perspective on worship with us!

In my years of leading worship, and especially leading teams, one thing I’ve learned is that excellence is developed in the little things.

Great things are accomplished when the small things come together.

Now, what does that mean for worship?

  • It could mean that you and your team work on transitions between songs to make the worship set flow.
  • Maybe it’s adding some background music if you have a host that communicates in the middle of your worship set.
  • It could mean changing up a song every once in a while to give it your worship team’s own flair.
  • It could be using a metronome/click track if your team isn’t already. Adding loops into your setup… Creating your own synths… Changing the set design quarterly… You get it.

I encourage you to work on those transitions and elements with as much energy as you work on your song set. If it enhances your entire worship experience, make sure you work hard and make it the best it can possibly be. Not to show off, but to give people an environment to meet Jesus without distractions. That’s the goal.

Remember, excellence doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process that takes vision, determination, and consistency. Take your team to the next level by making the ordinary things extraordinary.

Lead boldly this weekend!

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