Fine Art, Folk Art, And The Art Of Worship

Guitars and drums? Or organ and strings?

Dan Forrest on Christian music, fine art, and worship in the church:

But working out the ramifications for culture and art in corporate worship is no simple task. A look at church music history confirms that this project has been ongoing for centuries. For many Christians, the term “Christian music” seems to refer exclusively to contemporary Christian music on the radio, with its various genres of folk styles. The potential of fine-art music in the mission of the church is often not considered or utilized as well in our circles.

But if Piper, Keller, and others are correct about the strengths and weaknesses of both fine and folk culture, then fine art may still have an important role to play in the worship of the church.

Dan also lists four things to consider when trying to balance fine art and folk art in your own church and worship ministry. Check it out here.

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