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Four Ways For The Worship Team To Go Above And Beyond

Cliff Lambert shares how your worship team can be more engaging – outside of the worship service:

For those of us who lead worship teams, there are a ton of ideas and suggestions out there on how to increase congregational participation in corporate worship. Most of it has to do with what you can do from a production and planning standpoint. Ideas range from picking the right songs to turning the lights on to saying the right lead-ins to memorizing your music. The list goes on and on. But have you considered how what you do apart from the actual worship service affects congregational participation?

He lists four non-musical, non-worship-service things your team can do build trust with the congregation. This one really stood out to me:

One of the best things my wife and I ever did was get involved in a small group that had no worship ministry people in it. It gave us a chance to meet other people in our church and it gave them a chance to see that we were real people just like them. As we talked, we realized that they had several misconceptions about the worship ministry and its participants. Developing those relationships allowed us to share the heart behind the worship ministry. In turn, they became some of our biggest supporters.

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