Group Singing

God Wants To Hear You Sing

Joey Cochran wrote a great story about a powerful lesson he learned during a time of family worship:

But then I started to listen to my wife’s voice. I’ve always enjoyed her voice. Without realizing it, I started to feel a gush of emotion well up in me, like the slow gush of water that comes from a spring. It wasn’t a weepy emotion like one get’s when they’ve lost a loved one. And it wasn’t like the butterflies you get when you just start dating, and you think to yourself, “I might marry this one.” It was me being swept up into the holiness of God… Then a thought occurred to me: the bridegroom loves to hear his bride sing. I’m not talking about me hearing Kendall sing next to me in the car. I’m talking about Christ hearing his Church adore him.

As Joey points out, it doesn’t matter what you sound like or what notes you can hit – God just wants to hear you sing.

Click here to read the whole story.

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