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Going Through The Motions

David Santistevan on what to do during those times when we just don’t feel like worshipping:

Most of the time I don’t wake up on Sunday longing to take communion. I’m not that spiritual. But when we take communion at church I’m reminded of what Jesus has done. That is a motion I want to continue practicing.

Motions keep me where I need to be, whether I feel like it or not. It’s like an automatic withdrawal into a savings account. Whether you feel like it or not, it’s going to withdrawal. You remove decision making from the equation.

We are shaped by our habits. We are what we repeatedly do (Thanks Aristotle, for that). If that is true, the motions we choose to go through are of utmost importance. They are shaping who we are.

While it’s not ideal, even going through the motions of worship can formative. It’s not a habit you want to maintain, but it hits all of us from time to time.

Read David’s full post here.

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