Little Screens And Big Distractions

I fully admit that I don’t carry a physical Bible with me anymore. I use my iPhone or iPad and the excellent YouVersion Bible app. But I’m very careful to limit my use of that technology during a worship service. You won’t see me recording the worship team or tweeting during church. Or even during a concert, for that matter.

But not everyone exercises such restraint. H.B. Charles writes:

I am becoming increasingly convinced that when we start sharing or recording the moment we are no longer worshiping God.

Worship is our response to God’s intoxicating worthiness. Worship happens as we forget about ourselves and are consumed with the greatness of God. How do you stand in awe of God and share it on social media at the same time?

When we tweet and share and like the worship service, we stop fully participating in it. That’s a big deal.

Read the whole post here.

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