Jesus Stained Glass

Liturgy, Icons, And Learning To See

Stephen Proctor shares about his journey toward liturgy and learning to appreciate iconography:

Have you ever looked at ancient, eastern icons & just thought, “Those are weird. I just don’t get it.”???

Yeah… me too.

I mean, they don’t even look like normal human beings, much less a somewhat-possible picture of what Jesus, Mary & the Disciples might have looked like in real life. So what’s the deal?

Honestly, the whole world of ancient Christianity is weird to me. Liturgy… sacraments… icons… I don’t always get it, especially not at first glance. When I first experienced The Liturgy, I felt like I was hearing a different language for the first time. But luckily, I had a mentor who walked me through the meaning behind everything that was said & seen, & also every little thing that was unspoken & unseen. And my mind was blown slowly away…

Click here to read the whole thing. It’s a fascinating look at something that seems foreign to modern eyes.

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