NoiseTrade Roundup 08.12.2015

There’s always lots of good worship music on NoiseTrade, and more is being added all the time. Here’s our weekly roundup of the newest worship music available on NoiseTrade.

What great worship music have you found on NoiseTrade lately?


Brian Gurney – Forgive, Restore: DEMO EP

Brian Gurney is a worship leader and songwriter from the Washington DC area, whose goal is to create culturally relevant and theologically robust music. Since beginning to lead worship in high school, he has played with several different bands as well as worship teams, and has been inspired to create art that can be sung back to God in corporate worship.

This 4 song demo EP features stripped down versions of songs that have come out of his life – they are real, authentic, and meaningful. These are songs about our rebellion and God’s grace, our sinfulness and His forgiveness, our longing and His hope.

Ben Thomas – Bring Forth: Dawn

BRING FORTH: DAWN is the first of three movements of Ben Thomas’ new album, BRING FORTH, which is a collection of songs by Ben Thomas inspired by a handful of hymn lyrics dating from the 4th century to the 20th century, all seeking to find the Divine in the everyday elements of our existence… life, death, creation, re-creaton, dawn, day, dusk. It is broken up into 3 movements: BRING FORTH: DAWN, BRING FORTH: DAY & BRING FORTH: DUSK. The full album is available at benthomasonline, iTunes, Amazon and all the standard online retailers. Prayers and meditations for each of the three movements are available at

Saint Cecilia And The Melody Makers – It Is Finished, Alleluia!

The call to sing is one of the most repeated commands in Holy Scripture. This collection of songs is another happy attempt to obey those commands. In the summer of 2015 about twenty of us gathered guitars, shakers, bells, harmonicas, drums, kazoos, our voices, and other toys and sat in a big circle to play some classics. I can guarantee you that we had more fun making this than you will have listening to it. One reason the racket was so glorious is that we really didn’t practice beforehand. So, you will definitely hear occasional discrepancies. Let’s just pretend it was intentional, like how Amish women always leave one mistake in every quilt to remind them that only God is perfect. Regardless, we hope you will sing along with us, and that these tunes will push you to worship and enjoy Jesus. Shalom!

Future Mountain – Faithful One + I Worship You

I realized as I wrote Faithful One, that it was really a meditation on Psalm 23. I was experiencing a lot of anxiety during those months, so any time I spent reading scripture I spent it reading that Psalm, trying to let God’s promises sink in. As I listen to Faithful One now, I’m convinced that I wrote the words I needed to hear most from God as a response to the promises I was reading. I Worship You came out of a similar place three years earlier. I was searching for answers in unknown territory, longing for peace and comfort. So whether you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, or crippling fear, my prayer is for these songs to bring you hope and aid in the process of calling out to God in your weakness.

Aaron Buchholz – Praise EP

1 guitar 1 voice and 1 heart full of praise

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