Review: Tuned To The Key Of Praise – Gangai Victor

Typically, when I review a worship album, one of my tasks is to determine which songs are suitable for congregational worship. It’s a delight to recommend Tuned To The Key Of Praise. The arrangements, the lyrics, and even the keys of these songs are all suitable for your church.

Gangai Victor (author of The Worship Kenbook) took a wonderfully collaborative approach to this EP, working with various vocalists and musicians to craft a collection of songs that reflects a real sense of community.

Check out the first track:

Here’s Gangai’s description of each track:

  1. “Tuned to the Key of Praise”—a joyful opener and invitation to praise
  2. “Awake O My Soul”—a fervent call to worship and praise
  3. “Your Grace is Enough”—an encouraging song about grace and its all-sufficiency for us, especially in our weaknesses
  4. “Lamb of God”—a Good Friday hymn retelling the timeless story of the Cross
  5. “Alive”—a celebration and proclamation of the resurrection of the Lord
  6. “Stay With Us”—a post communion reflection and prayer to the Lord to be with us

From the very cool opening bass of the title track to the quietly powerful closing track (“Stay With Us”), this EP is full of simple, theologically sound lyrics that declare God’s glory and our need for Him.

And here’s the kicker: it’s all free! Tuned To The Key Of Praise is available as a free download on NoiseTrade. Chord charts are also available at Spread Worship.


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