Seven Ways To Encourage Your Congregation To Participate

Matthew Ward on corporate worship and disconnected congregations:

I recently attended a Christian conference in which the sessions each opened in corporate worship. The music leaders were top-notch musicians and very sincere. The quality of the music was excellent, but I found myself rather disconnected from worship most of those times. After the conference, I tried to take stock of my experience to figure out what happened, and that brought me back to this list of rather common mistakes worship leaders (including me) make.

The whole list is really good advice for anyone who plans worship services, but this one really struck me:

Make music choices that engage your congregation.
Frankly, it does not matter what your vocal range and musical interests are. It only matters the range and interests of your church body. Most people cannot sing very high (certainly above an Eb) or very low (below an A). The moment someone gets to a note he cannot sing, he disengages. Choose a singable key for every song, even if it throws off the “perfect” medley. And make sure you are choosing songs that relate to your congregation. If you introduce something new, balance it with something very familiar. Keep your people engaged throughout the service.

Always remember: it’s not about your favorite songs or how well you sing; it’s about connecting the congregation to God.

Check out the whole post here.

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