Six Critical Aspects Of Worship Planning

While service planning is definitely more of an art than a science, there’s still a general framework we can follow. Greg Skyes shares his:

Twelve years ago, when I first began leading worship at my church in our youth ministry, I came across an article called ‘The 5 P’s Of Worship Planning’ & found it to be really helpful as a guideline to preparing for Sunday mornings. It was short, easy to remember and packed with practical help.

I’ve modified it a bit over the years, adding an extra P somewhere along the way and 12 years later at the very same church, I still turn to it weekly as a guideline when I’m choosing songs and preparing my heart to lead worship.

I love this one, because every worship plan needs to be open to the Spirit’s leading or even someone just missing a cue:

Let’s remain flexible to make changes to our set as needed, even if it means dropping our ‘favorite’ song or adding a song last minute should our pastor or ministry leader require. We can plan far out but I think we can view our sets more as a road map on a journey, leaving room to deviate for pit stops & rests occasionally if needed.

Check out all six here.

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