Sometimes More Is Just Too Much

My son loves worship music. But he has his limits. This past Sunday we were at a church service being led by a gospel quartet. My son didn’t know the songs, didn’t care for the style of music, and quickly grew bored. It wasn’t long before he was (loudly) asking my wife when the service would be over so we could go eat lunch.

So I was actually pretty amused to find this post by Jamie Brown this morning:

I was talking with a friend recently who had attended a fund-raiser dinner banquet at a local hotel for a Christian non-profit ministry. After dinner was finished, the program began with a local church’s worship team leading some songs. And when I say “some songs” I mean six or seven songs. Half an hour worth of songs. In addition, most of the songs were unfamiliar to anyone who didn’t attend this worship team’s church.

My friend described an awkward scene: a worship leader who kept going on and on, the back half of the room getting tired and sitting down, and the front half of the room unaware of this development and continuing to stand. When the worship leader finished, there was a subtle sigh of relief.

Jamie describes how important it is plan a worship set with an appropriate length for the event. For some events, that might be a half hour music. For some, it might just be two or three songs.

Sometimes more music is just too much music.

Read Jamie’s full post here. Good stuff.

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