Sunday Was Awesome And Then There’s Monday

There’s an old saying that your true character is who you are in the dark. Maybe your true worship life is revealed on Monday morning.

Carly Voinski on awesome worship services and what happens the morning after:

On Sunday my church was on fire. The message taught and the worship that accompanied it were sewn together in this perfect little quilt called Sunday Worship. People responded. As the team closed the service with a song congregants came forward worshipping, kneeling, singing out, and declaring that through it all our eyes would be on Him. It was one of those moments.

When I wake up on Monday though, I have to ask myself, “Is my worship the same today as it was on Sunday?”

Will we still worship when the fire grows colder? Will we still praise in the darkness?

Check out the whole thing here. Really insightful post.

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