The Idolatry Of Overcommitment

File this one under “one of the sneakiest idols”.

Neal Samudre on busyness, idolatry, pride, and overcommitment:

Overcommitment is a subtle sin today because everyone does it. And it’s a destructive habit that’s easily able to become an idol in one’s life.

For some reason, we love to stay busy, but maybe the problem is we love to stay busy too much. We’re looking for our busyness to solves insufficiencies about ourself, at which point it becomes an idol.

As Tim Keller defines an idol: “An idol is something that we look to for the things only God can provide.”

So what is overcommitting giving us? Why do we love it so much we can’t let go of it?

Here are a few possibilities for why we love overcommitment in our lives…

Even your commitments to your church can become idols. Be wary.

Read the whole thing here.

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