The Wrong Kind Of Concert

Austin Fischer wonders if we need to rethink the common stance that worship should not be a concert:

It’s a common sentiment in many of the circles I run in, and in many ways I couldn’t agree more. The loud music, the blinding lights, the seamless transitions, and, God help us, the smoke machines. It can be a bit ridiculous, and not just as a matter of good taste, but as a matter of good theology. It feeds the ideology of the market and the religion of the consumer. It can condition people to be observers of a show instead of participants in worship of the triune God. None of this is good. Many churches that were once on the cutting edge of modern church worship have realized this and are moving back toward more measured and intentionally liturgical expressions of worship. And to all of this I say, Amen!

However…I would like to speak a few words in defense of worship as a concert…

I think we can all agree that worship shouldn’t be entertainment, but maybe the concert thing is okay?

Check out Austin’s full post here.

(And yes, U2 is mentioned by name.)

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