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Three Things Worship Leaders Need From Their Pastors

Graham Gladstone replies to all the “open letter from a pastor to a worship letter” blog posts by switching things around and writing an open letter from a worship leader to a pastor:

The truth is, we feel the subjective nature of our leadership – young Jaden thinks we should have more of this, Aunt Agnes thinks her generation is entitled to more of that, the worship music industry suggests that worship should look like what’s on those worship DVDs – sometimes I wish I could just stand up and read scripture for half an hour – who’s going to argue with that?! – instead of navigating a musical minefield every Sunday.

That being said, there are some ways that you could help me (And here I’ll try to speak broadly to reflect the varying experiences of worship leaders).

Graham goes on to list three things that every worship leader really needs from his or her pastor.

This one really hit home for me. It’s so essential for the worship leader’s plan to support and enrich what the pastor wants to convey:

Build the service with me. Tell me what you are preaching on. There have been so many times that I’ve made stuff up because I had no idea what you were going to say. It seems to me that the whole service should revolve around the preaching text – you telling us from that text who God is and what He had done and me helping our people to respond to that picture or truth expressed by the preaching text. Maybe we could even sit down and study the text together- that would be a great way for you to mentor me on how to lead my people in Bible study.

Check out the whole letter here. Good stuff.

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