Three Ways To Help Your Team Grow Spiritually

Kade Young explains one of the best investments you can make in your worship team members:

At a recent Worship Leader Meetup in Tulsa, the main topic of conversation was something that is often overlooked – how are we, as worship leaders, helping our team grow spiritually? This question really made me examine my own self as a leader, and I realize that I have some growing to do in this area.

It is easy to get caught up in improving musicianship and forget about the other aspects of a healthy worship team. The truth is, if the members of a worship team do not have a healthy relationship with God, they will not be able to effectively lead worship – even if they are the best musician on the planet.

He lists three things you can do to invest in your worship team’s spiritual development. And as he points out, it’s not something that just happens on its own – you need a plan.

Read Kade’s whole post here.

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