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Top Five Posts From July 2015

Here are the top five most-read posts from Worship Links for the month of July, if you’ll forgive the shameless self-promotion on my part. 🙂

Worship In A Selfie Culture

SelfieWorship is for God first and foremost. Of course every Christian will shout ‘amen’. Still, we often approach our worship as an ‘event’ that entails ‘me’ experiencing something – perhaps something worthy of taking out my cell phone and snapping a selfie to freeze that moment in time. When that happens, worship has become more about us than about God.

Interview: Worship Pastor John Gorveatte

John Gorveatte

The tension between musician and manager is a great one to constantly have in your head. As worship leaders, we must try harder than anyone on our team to best at our craft in the room – that’s the musician side of it. As worship leaders, we must also be the first to give grace, correction, and empowerment to our team – that’s the manager side of it. We aren’t running a business, we are stewarding God’s people with God’s gifts for God’s glory.

Interview: Worship Leader Anita Tatlow

Anita Tatlow

I love the passage in Ephesians 5 which says, “Instead, be filled with the Holy Spirit, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs among yourselves, and making music to the Lord in your hearts.” For me this is saying that – in every situation worship should rise up from within you and be deeply rooted into your being.

Interview: Worship Leader Randy Wright

Randy Wright

Be humble. Work as hard as you can. Improve your craft. Be a theologian. Know the word better than you know music. Seek advice from people you respect and won’t fill you up with feel goods. Be humble, again. Don’t think you’re above anything because you’re “the guy.” Be a servant to your people. I wish someone had told me all of those things from day one. And also lead your band/people well before you even step onto a platform. Be a leader that others love and respect, and just have fun!

Interview: Worship Leader Phillip Wall

Advice to young worship leaders: I would say be patient and wait on the Lord. Take the time to prepare yourself through study and seek out good mentors. We all need to be mentored (discipled). Pray and immerse yourself in the Word of God. Also, practice. A lot. Steward the gifts and talents God has given you and don’t just “wing it” when you lead others. Prepare well!

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