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What Are Your High Places?

Adam McClendon on good kings, idolatry, worship, and blind spots:

It is unclear why or how Jehoash missed these centers of pagan worship. It could be that these high places were so entrenched in the culture that Jehoash did not even recognize them as wrong, maybe he had fond memories of visiting them earlier on in his childhood, maybe the priest who advised him told him that they were okay and he took the priest at his word without checking the records of the law for himself, but again, the text just doesn’t say. What the text does clearly say is that although he did much that was right, he never purged idolatry from the land as instructed.

So, all this makes me wonder: If a king doing what is right in the eyes of the Lord could miss such blatant idolatry, couldn’t I?

What are you allowing to be an idol in your life? What high places do you need to tear down?

Read Adam’s full post here.

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