Why You Need A Worship Catalog

Eric Drew sings the praises of planning worship from a set list of songs. He lists a few reasons why it’s a good idea to limit your church’s worship catalog to few dozen songs that are in rotation at any given time.

Here’s an example:

Song lists encourage participation in worship
This is true for contemporary worship, traditional worship, or any blend of the two. There are hundreds of selections in the United Methodist hymnal. There are millions of songs licensed by CCLI that your team could use in contemporary worship. Now more than ever churches are projecting words on screens, and in many cases picking up a hymnal and reading the notes is fading away even in traditional worship. Without music, or even with music in front of the majority of our congregations, how can we expect our communities of faith to sing along with hundreds and hundreds of songs?

Check out the full post here. Great advice for service planners.

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