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Worship Leaders And Blind Spots

Andy Lee on those issues and events that sneak up on us and threaten to weaken our ministries:

For those of us who drive, we know that a blind spot is an area that cannot be seen due to an obstruction. The best way to overcome these blind spots is by acknowledging them and finding other ways to see around them. As worship leaders, we have a duty to lead effective and meaningful times of worship, yet sometimes we have our own blind spots that hinder us from driving the congregation in the best direction. What are some of these possible blind spots and what can we do as worship leaders to see the big picture more clearly?

This one has come up for me before. Worship leaders, be very wary of “taking requests” lest you come to be viewed as a worship jukebox.

This is something that has recently come up again in my church. Don’t get me wrong, it’s absolutely great to connect with your congregants to get a feel of what songs are on their hearts these days. But it is our role to lead and facilitate our times of worship, which probably means you have already set up a particular vision with your leadership. While I do listen to these song requests/suggestions, I will apply them when they fit with the church’s vision, direction, or season.

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