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Worship Planning And Theology

Nate Parrish on the intersection of theology, music, and service planning:

I think we can all agree that theology matters when it comes to the pulpit and all aspects of ministry, but it seems that when it comes to worship, we are often quick to use our “get out of theology free card.” For example, when choosing songs for Sunday morning, I can recall many times choosing songs based on the fact that they were a certain BPM, or that they had a sweet guitar riff (that I really wanted to play) but rarely taking a good look at the theological content. Now, watch your toes, but as Christians we shake our heads at the pop songs plaguing our radio stations because of their lack of depth, but often the songs we write and sing to our savior and creator of the universe are just as shallow and vague. God has given us the stars to illustrate His innumerable attributes, the cross to demonstrate His unfailing love and His holy word to teach us. There is too much awesomeness here to not make good theology a part of our song selection process.

Nate lists three essential questions we should be asking ourselves as we select music for our congregations to sing. Check it out here.

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