A Part Of Worship That We Often Miss

Worship never really begins with us – it’s our response to who God is and what He’s done. But all too often we fail to take an important step in our worship.

Pamela Haddix writes:

Sure, I know I need to have a heart prepared – seeking, humbled, and repentant – to worship God. And I always ask the Holy Spirit to guide my worship – help me fight distractions and focus on Him alone.

But what if I need to “go near to listen” first, so I’m not too “quick” or “hasty” (or NASB says, “impulsive”) in what I “utter” to Him? (Me? Impulsive?)

I’m already careful about how I enter worship, but this made my worship-loving mouth fall open…

When was the last time you started worshipping by simply listening?

Read Pamela’s full post here. Good stuff.

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