A Perfectly Imperfect Worship Service

Brandon Temmel digs into what makes a worship service “good” or “bad” (and how we often get it wrong):

Allow me to describe for you the perfect worship service. The worship leader is singing off pitch. The guitar is horribly out of tune. Some people are singing loudly while others are sitting in silence. Some are raising hands and some are kneeling; yet others seem to be staring off into space. It’s a scene that, on the surface, looks just like what happens in many churches. None of what I just described is what makes this a perfect worship service, though. It’s perfect because every single person is reacting to God. While different people have different reactions, still each and every person is worshiping.

There are a couple points I want to draw out of this parable…

Check out the whole thing here. Brandon challenges our notions of a “perfect” worship service in a very good way.

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