Choosing Songs With Love

Russ Hutto on choosing the songs that we sing in church:

Finding songs that allow us to express our love to God is fairly easy. With modern worship writers churning out hundreds if not thousands of songs per year to choose from, we’re in a wonderful era of access. You can find a song that supports any and every theological theme you need to reinforce from Sunday to Sunday. You can find a song that conveys the specific attribute of God’s character that you want to focus on.

That being said, finding songs that serve the congregation well is more about learning the heartbeat of your people. Do your people like wordy, traditional hymns? Do your people like simple, repetitive choruses? Does your faith family like high-energy, expressive praise? Does your congregation like orchestrated arrangements?

It’s never about your congregation’s favorite songs (or yours, worship leader), but consistently choosing music they hate isn’t helping anyone! Push them to experience new expressions of worship, but gently. Choose your songs with love for your congregation.

Read the full post here. Great advice for anyone who chooses songs for worship.

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