Consuming The Worship Service

Really interesting post about consumerism and the church by Scott Lencke:

Saturday nights and Sunday mornings can be some of the most disheartening times on social media. Why? Because everyone joins in the chorus of posting all their fancy hashtags for their upcoming or currently happening services. From worship setlists (that’s already an odd phrase to me, as if we’re treating things as a concert) to capturing pics in the midst of the gathered worship to tweeting snappy one-liners from the pastor’s sermon, we are shaped towards consumeristic ways…

But it sells and draws the people in, right? And we’re doing it all to glorify God and see folk come to know Jesus…right?

The church growth movement of the 1990’s is as strong as ever.

As Scott points out, using social media and hashtags and other modern technology isn’t automatically bad… but we have to be careful not to use these things as a marketing machine. Or rely on our awesome social presence instead of the gospel to draw people in.

Read Scott’s whole post here. Great thoughts on worship, social media, marketing, and consumerism.

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