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Don’t Deify The Form Of Worship

Chris Maxwell posted a transcript of a sermon on worship by Dr. Ron White. The whole transcript is definitely worth your time to read, but this passage really struck me:

Is there a definition of the form worship should take? The simple answer, No, there is not. Throughout the Bible you find descriptions of worship, but I cannot find where it proscribes a specific, definitive, one and only form of worship. That’s significant, because for something as important as worship, you would think if God had a specific form in mind, he would have laid it out there for all to see. My opinion is that form or style of worship comes more from culture than from God. Form is important, but only as a vehicle transporting us into God’s presence. If the form can assist someone in giving worship and praise with a sense of awe and wonder and deep appreciation, then it’s probably okay.

I think the reason God did not endorse a specific style is so we wouldn’t deify the form. Here’s what I mean. He doesn’t want us to make a form of worship more important than the act of worship. But, of course, through the ages of Christianity, we have done just that. We have created forms of worship we often equate with God himself. In our minds they are the same, but of course, form cannot equal God. What matters is the condition of our hearts, our emotions, our minds when we worship. Form is secondary. God is primary. Form always follows heart, not the other way around.

We have to be careful not to elevate the way we worship above the One we worship.

Read the whole thing here.

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