Five Keys To Worship Planning

Scott Ball shares the (not so) secret key to an excellent worship ministry:

Let’s take some immediate pressure off of you. Your worship ministry is not the reason why any first time guest will or will not come back to your church. If that’s your primary concern, read about what really matters in getting guests to return.

Your worship ministry may influence whether or not someone stays at your church long-term. Though it’s less about style and more about excellence. Even younger generations are flexible on what worship looks like, provided that it is thoughtful, genuine, and well-executed.

If you’re looking at those three adjectives and shaking your head, then read on, friend. There is hope.

To revolutionize your worship ministry and turn it into something that is truly thoughtful, genuine, and well-executed, it comes down to one word: plan.

Scott goes on to list five things you should be doing as you plan your worship services. Check out the full list here.

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