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Handling Different Types Of Singers

Kendra Kirby describes the different types of singers you’ll encounter on your worship team:

If your worship team is anything like mine, you’ll soon discover differing personality types—the introvert vs. extrovert, trained musician vs. garage band musician, expressive vs. stoic musician, and my personal favorite—the analytical vs. emotional musician.

I’m nearly positive you have these same singers on your team—you know, “Mary” has typed up the lyrics to each song on card stock and has her own codification system of italics, bold face type and font color representing various instructions carefully given by the Worship Leader. “Joe” on the other hand has been listening to the music all week and comes to rehearsal with lyrics pulled up his phone, but has to toggle through other songs to find the roadmap.

As Kendra writes, it’s not difficult to manage different kinds of singers (or musicians for that matter), as long as you adjust your expectations accordingly. Read the whole post here. Great tips for working with singers with very different personalities.

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